My Ventus(SWING) Japanese page

About 1 month after purchasing. (flight time was about 1 hour)
I have noticed the strange line having fallen underfoot during ground handling practice.
It was broken raiser of my NEW VENTUS !!!
I heard that there were a mistake in the process which makes a product, and a mistake of a product check.
However, the import agency explained, "Manage on self-responsibility."
It seems that, there was also glider which was collected secretly and exchanged.
The raiser of My NEW VENTUS which I purchased was cut when pulled by hand.
Be careful.
... It seems that swing Co. began the guarantee recently for three years.
However, why can't swing Co. attach a guarantee to the product purchased before for three years?
Also,there are also no formal explanation by the import agency or SWING Co..

Please make a safer product!!!

broken ventus image